When winter is around the corner, there is added fear of icy roads, freezing temperature and snow. But there are certain things that can be kept in mind to ensure that you are not stuck on a frozen road or a cold parking lot. Winters mean low light. This is because the sun goes down really soon in winters.

Hence make sure that you replace any fused bulbs. In case any bulbs are emitting low light, replace these too. Any snow on the external lights must be removed too. Next, add coolant to your engine. This will ensure that your engine does not stop during freezing temperatures. So, top it up if it is less. Also, make sure that there are no leakages.

 Many mechanics suggest a mix of 50:50 of water and coolant in the radiator in order to reduce the freezing point of the engine. This can be a good strategy to keep the engine running well in the winter season.

Your battery is the most important thing during the winter season. You cannot ignore it at any cost. So make sure that you keep it well-tuned. In case it is giving you any problem during the summers, it will become a major issue during the winter season. So you must get it replaced before the winters arrive. Or else, I would suggest a volt test to ensure that your battery will not falter during the winter months.

 The tires can be replaced with the winter tires. This is because they remain flexible even at low temperatures. These can really help due to improved traction provided by these tires. This can be seen during braking, taking turns on a cold road and so on.
You need to have enhanced tire pressure during winters. This is because pressure tends to decrease with low temperatures. This can lead to higher wearing out of the tires. This can be really dangerous as it can lead to accidents on slippery roads. Also, handling a car with underinflated tires is not easy. Thus maintaining proper tire pressure is important here. But you need to make sure that you remove some tire pressure when the springs arrive.
Make sure that the window defroster is working well. This is required so that the windows are not getting iced up. Have a look at the climate control of your car too. This will help to keep you warm inside the car during the winter months.

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